Point System

The Qualifying system for First Stronghold is different than past competitions. Teams are not seeded by match
points. First Stronghold uses a system of Ranking points to seed teams.
• Total ranking point are the only criteria for qualification except in the case of a ranking point tie
• It is possible to earn 0 to 4 ranking points in one match.
• The alliance with the most match points earns 2 ranking points.
• A points tie in a single match earns 1 ranking point for each alliance.
• Breaching the Outerworks earns an alliance 1 ranking point even if they do not win the match
• Capturing the Tower earns an alliance 1 ranking point even if they do not win the match on points.
In the event of a ranking points tie additional criteria will be considered in the following order: Auto Points,
Tower Scale and Challenge points, total low and high goal points, and total defense crossing points.
Bottom Line: To get into the playoffs we need to score the available ranking points: Total points in a match,
Breaching Outerworks and Capturing the Tower.
As in the past playoffs are based on point totals in a match. There are no ranking points.
In the rare event that two teams are tied in total match points then additional criteria will be considered in the
following order: Fewest foul points, Defense Breach and Tower Capture points, Auto points, Scale and Challenge
points, and Goal points.
Defenses and the Outerworks:
• Reaching a defense in auto scores 2 points.
• Each of the first two crosses of a defense scores 5 points (10 in auto)
• When a defense has been crossed twice from the neutral zone to the opposing courtyard it is “damaged.”
Once a defense is damaged no additional points are earned for crossing it.
• When four of the five defenses are damaged, the Outerworks is “breached,” which earns 1 ranking point in
Qualification and 20 points in playoffs.
Possible Alliance Outerworks points in Qualification Teleop.
5 defenses x 2 crosses each = 5 x 2 x 5 = 50
Breaching Outerworks = 1 Ranking Point
Possible Alliance Outerworks points in Playoff Teleop.
5 defenses x 2 crosses each = 5 x 2 x 5 = 50
Breaching Outerworks = 20
Total Possible: 70
The Tower:
• The Tower starts with a strength of 8.
• Each boulder that crosses a goal opening reduces the strength by 1.
• When the Tower has 0 strength it is “weakened.”
• Each boulder in the low goal scores 2 points (5 in auto)
• Each boulder in the high goal scores 5 points (10 in auto)
• A robot has “challenged” the Tower when it is completely on the Batter: 5 points
• A robot has “scaled” the Tower if all of it’s bumpers are above the low goal: 15 points
• A Tower is “captured” if the Tower is weakened, and all three alliance robots have Scaled or Challenged the
Tower which earns 1 ranking point in Qualification and 25 points in playoffs.

Alliance scoring possibilities at the Tower in Teleop.

8 goals in lower goal = 8 x 2 = 16
8 goals in upper goal = 8 x 5 = 40
There is no limit on goals, but 8 goals are required to weaken the Tower. In practice there will probably be
a mixture of low and high goals. Some early matches may never get to 8 total goals Playoff and tournament
matches will likely have many more goals. This is the only opportunity to score additional, theoretically
unlimited points.
3 robots challenging the Tower = 3 x 5 = 15
3 robots scaling the Tower = 3 x 15 = 45
Capturing the Tower = 1 Ranking point (qualifying)
Capturing the Tower = 25 (playoff)
The same things that earn ranking points in Qualifying will help will total points in playoffs. However, in playoffs,
since only points matter, detail make a difference Scaling the Tower is 10 points better than challenging it. Eight high
goals are 24 points better than eight low goals. The 17 points available in Auto are worth the coding.
In a best case scenario if an alliance achieves all the Outworks points it can score in Teleop, it will score 50 in
qualification and 70 in playoffs. Then if all three alliance robots scale a Tower they have weakened with 8 high goals
they would add 85 points in qualification and 110 points in playoffs.
The total ideal match points would be 135 plus 2 ranking points in qualifying and 180 points in playoffs. The only
way to increase these totals is adding 17 points per robot in auto for reaching and crossing a defense then scoring a
high goal. In that ideal match with auto there would be 186 in Qualifying and 231 in Playoff.
The only way to increase this scoring, without penalties, is to score additional goals in 5 or 2 point increments.
Beyond goals, unless the game is changed, these are score limits. This is going to be a game where small points
matter and the big point opportunities are essential.
If robots are similarly capable there may be very close matches and a fully capable robot will be required.